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win 10 activation key purchase A command that times out throws a SqlException. To prevent a command from timing out probably not a good idea, set CommandTimeout to 0. The preceding examples use ExecuteNonQuery to execute an SQL command. Command objects also have methods named ExecuteScalar and ExecuteReader. Which of the three you should use depends on the nature of the command that you re executing. The ExecuteNonQuery Method The Execu.

time stock prices and that the application is backed by a massive database of stock prices that s updated periodically. Rather than query the database every time someone asks for a stock price, you could query it every few minutes, cache the results in application state or the application cache, and retrieve prices directly from memory. Prices fetched from your site might be a few minutes old, but the dec. , ory, which means it s incompatible with Web farms clusters of Web servers that act as one and also that it s destroyed if IIS is restarted or the server is rebooted. ASP session state relies on cookies to correlate users to sessions. If a user disables cookies in his or her browser, an ASP Web server is powerless to map incoming requests to sessions. For these reasons, many large sites that rely on ASP eit. win 10 activation key purchase, m the View menu to display it. Click the Toolbox s Web Forms button to display a list of Web controls, and then use drag and drop to add TextBox controls to the right hand cells in the table s first three rows. See Figure 5 21. Finish up by using the Properties window to change the TextBox controls IDs to Principal, Rate, and Term, respectively. Figure 5 21 The LoanCalc form after adding TextBox controls. .

is little better than application state. The real power of the cache comes into play when you assign items expiration policies and process the callbacks that fire when the items expire. The following example, which is taken from a Global. asax file, win 7 enterprise license key , win 10 enterprise key original , initializes the application cache with a Hashtable containing three stock prices when the application starts up. It also sets the item to expire 5 minutes aft. win 10 activation key purchase, this example, the cast works fine because the Advance field in the Pubs database is of type money, and the SQL money data type translates naturally into the. NET Framework s decimal System. Decimal data type. Another common use for ExecuteScalar is to retrieve BLOBs binary large objects from databases. The following example retrieves an image from the Logo field of the Pubs database s Pub info table and e.

win 10 activation key purchase aGrid ID MyDataGrid AutoGenerateColumns false CellPadding 2 BorderWidth 1 BorderColor lightgray Font Name Verdana Font Size 8pt GridLines vertical Width 90 RunAt server AllowPaging true PageSize 10 OnPageIndexChanged OnNewPage Columns asp BoundColumn HeaderText Product ID DataField ProductID HeaderStyle HorizontalAlign center ItemStyle HorizontalAlign center asp BoundColumn HeaderText Product Name DataFiel.

multiple selections. A SelectionMode Multiple attribute in the control tag creates a multiple selection ListBox asp ListBox ID StateList SelectionMode Multiple Rows 10 RunAt server Unfortunately, the ListBox class lacks a public method or property for retrieving the indices of the items selected in a multiple selection list box. To figure out which items the user selected, you have to iterate through all t. , med Quotes. txt, reads its contents, and displays a randomly selected line. If Quotes. txt contains a collection of famous quotations, a randomly selected quotation appears each time the page is refreshed. So what s wrong with this picture Nothing unless, that is, you value performance. Each time the page is requested, it opens and reads the text file. Consequently, each and every request results in a phys. 10, ctivation agent in order to avoid having to manually start server processes running How to combine HTTP channels with binary formatters to increase efficiency on the wire How to use events and delegates with remotely activated objects How to place asynchronous method calls to remote objects This part of the chapter concludes with a distributed drawing application that ties together many of the concepts int. win 10 activation key purchase.

win 10 activation key purchase. the bonds of the platforms on which they run. An application that speaks the language of Web services has access to a universe of services that is just now emerging. Already, companies all over the world are exposing content and business logic through Web services. As one of this chapter s sample programs demonstrates, it s easy to build a Web service client that takes city and state names as input and fet. win 10 activation key purchase the job. Assuming rwlock is an instance of ReaderWriterLock, here s how you d lock the application cache during an update rwlock. AcquireWriterLock Timeout. Infinite try Cache ItemsSold int Cache ItemsSold 1 Cache ItemsLeft int Cache ItemsLeft 1 finally rwlock. ReleaseWriterLock And here s how you d read ItemsSold and ItemsLeft values from the cache rwlock. AcquireReaderLock Timeout. Infinite try int sold . 10 activation key purchase - ender its items. XmlNavBar even supports mouseovers. If you include a MouseOverColor attribute in the control tag, the navbar highlights items using the specified color when the cursor passes over them. The navbar in Figure 7 11 contains four items. Clicking an item takes you to the corresponding Web page News. aspx, Sports. aspx, win server 2012 essentials trial key , win server 2012 essentialskey , Stocks. aspx, or Weather. aspx. All four are provided on the CD that accompa. win 10 activation key purchase, as a push button. Similar tags can be used to create check boxes, radio buttons, win 10 Home Basic to Ultimate Anytime Upgrade , win 7 ultimate keygen 32 bit , list boxes, win 10 ultimate sp1 key original , and other basic control types. Calc. html html body form input type text name op1 input type text name op2 input type submit value form body html Figure 5 1 A simple HTML form. Figure 5 2 Calc. html displayed in Internet Explorer. A submit button input type submit plays a special role in an HTML form. When clicked.

e FCL is a rich resource that includes everything from basic types such as Int32 and String to exotic types such as Regex, which represents regular expressions, and Form, which is the base class for windows in GUI applications. I ll often use the word classes to refer to FCL members, win 7 home premium product key purchase online , but realize that I m taking literary license and that the FCL is not, as you are well aware after reading Chapter 2, merely .